30 Minutes to ABC-CLIO Solutions Success: American Government


A nation founded upon rights and liberties, the United States grants Americans freedoms of expression that simply don’t exist in many parts of the world. With such privileges, Americans have the power to shape their government and, in turn, to determine how they are able to live their lives. Understanding how the government works, therefore, is important in order for students not only to succeed in school but also to grow into thoughtful participants in civic life. American Government explains the nuanced structure and foundations of U.S. government and connects these concepts to current issues and questions about political processes, constitutional rights, and international relations. It identifies values the government has traditionally upheld and how the government of today continues to reflect those values, while simultaneously examining changes that the government has undergone since the nation’s founding.

Watch ABC-CLIO’s Curriculum and PD Specialist take you through the American Government database, featuring tools that target critical thinking and research skills. This is a recording of a live webinar originally recorded on 04/25/18.


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